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Bin, bin and bin some more.(!g0 Day 11).

Yup, it’s day 11 at the !g0 shop and it’s not a keeper for me.

Ignore the giant Nutcracker looming behind me, although I will check out where it came from, price etc.  There is nothing wrong with this tunic apart from the…COLOUR! I’m just not keen on blue generally so for me personally it’s a nope but you can’t dislike the design and quality and again even if you’ve missed the first 10 Advent Gifts for only an initial 50Ld joining fee we still have another 14 days of brill gifts and yet some will be a “nope” but it’s all down to personal tastes and not the quality of the gift.

So it’s in the bin and so is this damned “Dab” pose.

In the new year I’m going to tie my AV down and bin all of the poses I never use or don’t work and yes I will be buying new ones plus I’ve seen some Bento poses which I love as the positioning of the hands are much more subtle and realistic.  This time though I will SORT them out! I will label them so it’s much easier to find the sort of pose I want.