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Day 10.(!g0 Advent & FREEBIE).Updated with the right LM.

I was so excited to see that today’s !g0 gift is a skirt.

A cool pale blue, with the deep creases and folds with a frilly bottom.

Now for the freebie and if someone can HELP me then that will be so good.

This backdrop is the gift and you get it from the “Winter Fest Event” which is brought to us by a team called “Onyx”, I’m sure their name is longer but I can’t remember the full title however I do remember they did another festival which was pretty good and enjoyable and this one looks like it’s going to be as good as that one.

So you land at the LM and you do have the option to join a paid for hunt, 50Lds, or just pick up the few freebies in the Marketplace area.

When you go through the different archways they take you special places, a massive skating rink, a place to sit and pose with Santa etc.

The Marketplace has only a few stalls out as yet but this freebie off the figure 8 stall is such a brill backdrop, the textures pop and even if you’re not very good taking pictures with this all you need to do is point and click and you will get a great picture. Or rez it and set out a few chairs, table, tree etc and make it a little hidden Christmas Wonderland.

So why do I need help?  The gifts set out at the market are free, you do have to join the Onyx Group, and are not included in the paid-for hunt which costs 50Lds.  When you join the hunt you get a hud and you walk around looking for gift boxes, they look the same as the ones on the stalls, but these ones are only for the hunters.  Apart from the one under the Christmas tree I have totally failed at finding any other Gift box.  I’ve cammed and scanned but so far I’ve only found the one prize and I suspect that I have to find all 15 hidden prizes before I win anything.  TBH I’m not sure if the 15 gift boxes you find contain a gift, and you can only unpack them when you win all 15, or you find them to win just the 1 big prize….I should have paid a bit more attention to the details.  Worse comes to worse it was only 50Lds to join so I’ve not invested a lot AND the 2 freebies I’ve picked up have made up for it.


Onyx Winter Fest 19

4 thoughts on “Day 10.(!g0 Advent & FREEBIE).Updated with the right LM.”

  1. Would love to help you, But your LM for Winterfest takes me to the !g0 store. In search winterfest brings up a couple of results of which none are the one you meant (I think), so i was not able to find the place you are referring to


    1. Thanks, I did an oopsy. Any help would be gratefully accepted but don’t stress too much as there are not the sort of hints you can give me ie it’s next to the Christmas tree…there are a lot of Christmas trees lol. Anyhow again any help much appreicated.


  2. Well I decided to give it a go, paid the 50L and got the hud. Found all the giftboxes with the needed ornaments. Most of them can be found if you follow the snowy paths left and right from the skating pond. So walk to the skating pond and before the pond either go left or right and you find a snowy path. It takes you to elf workshop warehouses, a reindeer petting zoo, christmas vending spot, a big festive barn etc. Just explore. it’s nicely done. Just the end prize (for me) was a little bit disappointing, especially for the 50L. But that may be only my opinion.(lots of those can be found for free).

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