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Don’t be late for day 8. (Freebie Advent).

I swear I am working I just work best in spurts so in my 10 min break I logged in and found that at Wellmade day 8 of the advent calender is still open and doesn’t change today 9 till 12 (not sure which time they’re using ie SL time, RL time, UK time etc).

The funny angle is to try to hide the fact my belt is breaking through which is a shame but on the other hand, this furry jacket is so well textured. I have to add this that it was my choice to keep these pants on if I wasn’t so lazy I would have just swopped them out for another pair or tried on another size of the jacket so the breakthrough isn’t a fault.

You get a small hud of 3 colours, white, red and black and the same shades for the sash belt.  Great colours, great texturing.

You will notice that the older Advent Gifts are on the floor in gift boxes which you can buy for 20Lds and there was one I was tempted to buy but I TPed out and will be popping back later when Day 9 is opened.  I will also check out the Group Gifts as well.