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I have good and bad news.

Thanks to a heads up off Shi it turns out Apple Fall is having a BIG FAT JUICY SALE! Everything is 50Lds and I suspect remembering their last BIG FAT JUICY SALE that actually includes everything from a tiny little cup to the massive Hardwick Manor.

I’d love to be able to confirm that that is the case but the bad news is that the sim is limited to only 12 AVs at a time.  As you can imagine this means it’s gonna take a lot of patience and timing to be able to get into the shop and surrounding outside.

I am not rushing over yet as when I type Apple Fall into my invent it scrolls and scrolls as I probably already own everything this shop has ever put out and that includes Hardwick Manor lol.

I’ve put the link to the Apple Fall MP shop not because the sale is on there but you will be able to see what’s in the shop and be prepared to hunt for them if/when you can squeeze yourself in.

PS.  There doesn’t seem to be a cut off date, I think this is because of the issues of them having to severely limit the amount of AV’s allowed in.  I think this is a sim issue and not them just being arsey.

Apple Fall (Inworld)

Apple Fall (Marketplace)