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OMG It’s DECEMBER! (!g0 Advent Calendar & Full Advent List).

Finally, I may just stop being a Grinch and start to embrace my inner “Ho Ho Ho” and a great start is the !g0 Calendar Event.

Sorry, not really, but not free as you do have to be in the !g0 group which is only 50Lds and us old-timers know we get that given back to us in spadeful through the year with Group Gifts alone but even if you just join for the Advent Calendar you won’t regret it as each day you get a fab item of clothing or accessorie which has, going by past events, is designed just for the Advent Calender and are mix and matchable.

Sadly once the day has passed you can’t get the old gifts so it means you have to pop in each day but I don’t know about you lot I enjoy my daily visits.


Seraphim Advent Calendar List

5 thoughts on “OMG It’s DECEMBER! (!g0 Advent Calendar & Full Advent List).”

  1. Yeah Im a bit of a bah humbug at times. Today I stayed off Sl and spent time making soaps for gifts. Now let me say first time I am ever doing it but who knows could turn out. Lets just say my flat smells like a soap factory at the moment lol

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    1. Believe it or not I was a soaper! I used to make and sell the stuff and did really well till the cost of postage ended up costing more than the soap and I developed an allergy to the EO’s. No matter how they turn out I’m pretty sure your friends/families will appreciate it.

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      1. I used the heat and pour stuff, no shame in that lol. It’s been years since I last soaped but don’t bother spending a lot of money. Grind some oats up in a blender and add them with a splash of milk to a white base, if you can get goats milk it sounds even fancier, then you have a posh AF milk oat scubby soap. A glug of Olive oil or melted coconut oil again makes for a fancier sounding soap when really its not and most people will have these in their home. Have you thought of making the soap in bags and suspending little toys if you’re making for kids. Just get a good quality celophane bag and put it in a cup to support it, pour some clear soap base in and if you want to suspend a toy wait for a skin to form pop the toy in and then top off with soap again and tie the bag. This is a lovely gift for adults, just miss out the toy and add fine cosmetic glitter, as the bag makes for an interesting shape. DON’T make piddling “guests soaps” ie small soaps, it’s best to have 1 big soap as the small ones just never seem to foam up. Get a small bottle of surgical spirits OR vodka in a small spray bottle for spritzing the top of your soap, it gets rid of the little air bubbles plus when layering soap once the skin has formed spritz and then pour the next level as it helps the soaps to stick together. Look in your home for the molds. I used to use the old milk cartons, you see them more used now for plant based milk, the long square shaped ones. They made a long “loaf” of soap which when sliced up gave you a more cold pressed look…remember “fake it till you make it” lol. I also used to use some yoghurt pots which had an interesting, non yoghurty, shape for one off soaps. Don’t use out of your kitchen things like Vanilla, rose petals etc some things need to be specially bought for soap as it does change these things and not in a good way.

        OH and if you do get cosmetic glitter, DON’T SNEEZE on it! Trust me you will have regrets!

        I MISS SOAPING! But again I just have to remember my poor hands when I started to react against the EO’s even though of course I wore gloves and I know I could have switched to fragrances rather than EOs the change in the postage in the UK killed off business.

        LOL I’ve only had 1 cup of coffee so I’m rambling but I couldn’t help but reply.

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      2. Awww love you for these ideas!!!
        My first attempts I turned out this morning and wrapped. They turned out so cool it has excited me. I love the idea of the toy and in bags. Deffo going to give that a go.
        I bought a fragrance oil the one that smells like Lush fairy. OMG it smells edible in the ones I made yesterday. I put in there little sprinkle love hearts and pink soap colouring. The moulds are like starts. I’ll do blog post soon when I’ve done with piccies. 😊

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