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Mention of FREE clothes, eyes, jewellery, tattoos, wearable etc etc

All those listed and more in the title are gifts from the SaNaRae event and all I’m going to show you is this.

Such a simple and yet perfect little Sake set, only 1 prim for the whole tray and 1 for the cup.

Obviously, a lot of what’s out there is for faces/shapes I can’t use ie Genius make-up, Maitreya tunic but the reason I chose this tray out of SO many gifts is the shop name is new to me.

I may sometimes lose on the freebie level but often getting reminders of shops I’ve not visited in a long time and even better shops I’ve never visited before can be just as rewarding.

It’s a busy event as it’s just opened it’s doors but I have a feeling that you should still be able to get in, so join the SaNaRae group and it’s the boxy Snowmen on almost every stand you’re looking for.