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Not today SATAN!

As I was internetting with my first cup of coffee this morning I came across this.

Yes, it’s a Buzzfeed link and nope I didn’t stretch the f**k out of it.

Every Christmas I do a post, and yes it will be repeated this Christmas it’s a F**king tradition now, but this post from Buzzfeed had me thinking.  We in the UK do not do Thanks Giving and yet really for so many people Thanks Giving can be as stressful if not more stressful than Christmas.  So for those of you who are having to pretend to be happy or like the people you’re stuck with or are on your own, you are NOT on your own.  So pull up your big Marks and Spencer knickers and do the best you can for yourself and yes for those who you do love so you can make it through the day.

As for me, I’m also having a day off and a cheap treat day.  The local college has a proper hair and beauty salon which not only does extremely professional work it’s CHEAP! Which is fortunate as my fav go-to bra has given up the fight so I have no option but to spend way too much money replacing it as my other bras are saggier than my eyelids after a sleepless night and god knows I need the best boobie support I can afford. The sad thing is I know I will end up being depressed as I will go to the bra shop and ooh and ahh over the pretties only for the measuring lady to gently guide me to the BUSTENHALTER section! ..yes that has actually happened before!!!!  If you don’t know what “Bustenhalter” is then it’s German for industrial-sized boob slings…my translation not Googles.

So I will see you later looking pretty as a peach and hopefully with the girls hoisted back into position.


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