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fuubutsudou – what?!

Well thats a strange name for a store, and it is quite a strange store so fitting I guess ! I came across this new-to-me shop at The Wash, decided to head over to the main store and take a look around – cool beans! There are Asian style builds, gacha machines (oh dear) and assorted bits and bobs. Soooo as you can see I played the gacha machine – omg I LOVE this coat!! There were three colours I really wished for – along with those came three purple ones – which I wasn’t overly keen on – they fit my Maitreya body a treat but as they are not labelled as any particular body – I think its a case of alpha use et voila. The skirt bit is attached as is the silk scarf – the texture of the coat is super strokable huh? If any one wants a purple coat drop me a note and I will send it over – hate to trash them !

Also noticed a sweet group gift whilst I was there, this cart with water melon decor – just 6Li, group is free to join.