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“HA HA, it’s a TRICK” don’t fall for it.(Hunt & Mention of Freebie).

I love Faiths addiction to Gacha’s as she often passes on the things she knows I will love (check out her last post for details of this “outfit of the day” lol).

Now for a moan.

It’s a classic paid for hunt and I had my eye on 3 of the prizes depending of course on the actual price as it ranges from 1-75Lds.

What you’re looking for is a nice little white ghost and there are plenty of them as there 21 prize ghosts BUT there seems to be so many trick ones that I actually struggled to locate the prize ones.

Add to that the trick ghosts that don’t contain a gift actually have a price tag and I did a test purchase just to see and bought one of the 10Ld “trick” ghost and the money wasn’t refunded.  Some of the “trick” ones were more expensive so it’s just something you must be aware of AND they are marked as “Ha Ha it’s a trick” but again if you’re not paying attention you may not be happy.

The other moan is that the actual prize ghosts are not clearly marked and I found I had to click on them, go into edit and check the contents to see what the actual prize inside is.

I’m NOT saying do not do this hunt all I’m saying is be aware of the trick ones and using edit to see what the contents are.

The freebie is a rather nice fluffy sweater and it’s the white gift bag on top of the spider in the entrance.

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