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More for fun.(Free skins). UPDATE.

I came across a scaled skin in my invent and so I popped over to Lumae just to see if it’s still out as a freebie and it is.

The reason you may like this skin is that it is a light purple colour and has a smattering of scales, so basically you can be either a Mermaid or in this case a snake lady and of course if you do want to either stand out in SL or dress up for Halloween this is a perfect skin for you.

The skin is just 1 of a few freebies in the Lumae shop so check out the Group Gifts and don’t ignore the pink gift boxes on the floor and you get a decent amount of appliers and a nice pack of lipsticks.

I just wanted an excuse to wear this snake body for ages. I don’t know when or why I got this shake bod or even if I bought it but I will pop to the shop it came from to check out the details.  So I went over to DM Devious Minds and this is a shop which has been active in SL for many years.  TBH it’s too sprawling for me to be able to hunt down where this snake tail is BUT I suspect that this is a Gacha win.  It’s a very interesting shop so check it out and you might just find this or something else which tickles your kink.

As for the location, sorry but I couldn’t be bothered to hunt down a more suitable backdrop and since I’m on the hunt for more landscaping I figured I’d multitask and just slither my way through the shop and take a picture at the same time.

Thanks to a heads up from Kimberly I now know that the snake tail I’m wearing was a Gacha win and there is also an updated Gacha at the Fantasy Collective event so I’ve treated myself.

It’s 75Lds a pop.  I did take more of a chance as I knew it to be a Maitreya Lara fit only but apart from the fact you can almost see my whole coochie, which may actually be just what the designer wanted, it’s actually an excellent fit for my SLink bod as well.

So if you really do want to stand out then slither over to the Fantasy Collective event and pick this up BUT can I be honest…I still prefer the original one so I might pack this slither up for someone else to use and stick to my other one.


DM (Devious Minds)

Fantasy Collective (Snake Tail)

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    1. I was almost sure it was going to have been a Gacha win. Thanks for the link as well I will definitely be checking that out.


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