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Sight Seeing. (Dollarbies).

I decided to pop over to Kowloon and if you’ve never been to Kowloon then you’re in for a treat because If SL came with smellivision then your senses would be overloaded.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve last visited Kowloon that a big part of me hopes it’s not changed as it has the essence which is SL but also a part of me hopes there is something new. You can even rent a room here but if you can’t speak/write in Japanese I think it might be a little bit trickier than other rentals.

I don’t want to spoil the visit so all I will say is just go through the big doors and have a good mooch around.

As it happens I didn’t even get past the entrance because I spotted some Gacha’s and although when you hover your pointer over them it looks like each try is 50Lds it’s not as these Gacha’s are stuffed with junky Dollarbies.

PS.  Yes, I am wearing the other “blindfold” hair.

The white boxes are the delivery boxes and they on their own make a great decor item.  The boxes on the floor and the junk on the table are all my Gacha wins.  Everything from bog roll to a bottle of olive oil.

This packed shelf, 10prims, is not even a rare win but I’m not sure if they do contain a rare win.

The Gacha’s do have a picture of what I am assuming are some of the prizes you can win buttttt…anyhow you pays your money and takes your chances.