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I’m getting old.(10Ld & Mention of Freebies)

You know something is old when it comes in XS,S,M,L,XL sizes and I even remember blogging this dress from LRS Creations many years ago but wow it’s really stood the test of time esp the colour.

This is actually a TeleportHub Group Gift which means it costs to join but only 10ds.

I am wearing the S size and as you can see a decent fit but there is breakthrough at the back I could, of course, pop the M size on but sod that for a lark! I’m a size S even if that is just in SL lol.

There are other Group Gifts for the LRS group and I did pick up one of the new dresses, it’s all main mesh body fits, but I’m too lazy to show you it but I was rather pleased with it. That too costs 10LDs however there are freebies for freebie groups and Lucky Boards which you will find upstairs.

PS.  Ignore the hair, it’s my next post and if you’ve guessed it’s a new Mina you get a cookie.

LRS Creations

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