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Service will resume in God Know When.

WTF so I go to log in and get a Virus warning from my AVG security and it shoves my Firestorm SL into Quarantine and even doing a clean reinstall doesn’t work.

Never in all of the years I’ve used both Firestorm and AVG have I had this problem and now that Firestorm is Quarantined I can’t open it.

Not really sure what to do, obviously I’m now running a deep scan of my computer to ensure that no bug has been added.  Once that scan is run I will do a clean reload of Firestorm and if there is the same issue then I will try to download the Second life viewer.

Wish me luck.


As you can see I am inworld, sadly not through the Firestorm Viewer but the Official SL one.  I have to say I’m pretty impressed in that everything that was in placed with Firestorm is in place with the SL one which I did not expect.  Also, the controls are pretty understandable so if you’re worried about having to change for whatever reason don’t it seems to be stress-free…BUT…

How the Hell do you play with your windlight settings!  With firestorm, you get so many preset ones I just use those but the preset ones with this viewer are pretty limited. Never mind in the end since everything seems to be working OK, for now, I can handle it and look into how to get the best out of this SL viewer.

Also because I have a pretty good gaming computer the recommended settings for my SL are high which means in this world I am casting shadows.  You may not have noticed but Faith in her pictures uses Shadows to give her photos an extra depth to them I, on the other hand, do not use shadows.  Although my computer is damned good I don’t want to create problems by using these high settings so I shall remain a Vampire and cast no shadows either as I’m inworld or in my pictures lol.

If you’re wondering about this pictures it’s a beachy part of our sim I’ve just created.  This is why I SL.  Many years ago I stayed in a little cottage next to a classic North of England quay and ever since then I have wanted to recreate this and finally thanks to Skye products I’ve finally done it.  As always I have to do a lot to our sim, scatter a lot of Autumn grass, trees etc but this little beach just warms my heart and takes me back to the wonderful weekend I had in the RL cottage.

Sadly RL is calling me but I can’t wait to return.


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  1. Good luck with the virus thing — I am a big believer in Ubuntu as an alternative to windows — you can have it on computer along side of windows, doesn’t need virus protection like windows AND firestorm even has an Ubuntu version! I am sooo not techie so if I can use it, anyone can!

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