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It’s a hump day.(Freebies).

Now I’ve been playing with the official SL viewer for a bit I’m not as happy with it, compared to Firestorm it’s CLUNKY! Yes I said that and I stand by that lol. OK it’s all down to personal preferences but I’m hoping that at some stage I can reinstall Firestorm and until then I will clunk on.

Just a little post and in this case it’s a couple of wearables and not the clothes.

Look at the details in that calorie-free chocolate and the pose is the one it comes with.  I’m not sure if you hold this pose when you walk but I suspect you do as with this next wearable you do.

Fantastic umbrella’s, I think you get 5 shades with a sheer look.  It’s time to delete all of the old umbrella’s I’ve been hoarding.

The LM is a nice little  street but you will see a TP system under the pagoda and you just hop on that and you will find the chocolate box for the choccie and a little box for the umbrella on the desk.

PS.  The top and pants are old stuff and not free but so cheap I will check they’re still available and update this post.


4 thoughts on “It’s a hump day.(Freebies).”

    1. I think its because the settings are so high. But I will perserver, you will be getting a note for sure as to how to do somethings as I’m buggered if I can work them out lol.


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