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A BIG FAT (non) FAIL! (Freebies for men).

I went looking for the “Lemonade” shop and somehow ended up in a shop called, as you can see, Gutchi.

I don’t know if it’s because I normally don’t go hunting for freebies for men that I get the impression that damned good freebies for men are thin on the ground.  So to find even more fine freebies for the boys in such a short time was a bit of a shock to me.

This top comes with a decent-sized hud and even better one that allows you to change the body, sleeves and hem of this so a whole raft of colour options.

Great pants as well, these too come with a hud so you can change the base colour of these pants.

I had hopes that this backpack was going to be unisexed but because you can’t adjust it the straps are too big for the standard female shape.

Again a hud with a lot of options and you also get a wearable cup of coke and a phone.

Last but not least a mention about this backdrop.

It just turned up this morning which got a big woo hoo off me.  It’s from Minimal and it turns out it’s off Faith lol.  I logged in and out so fast I didn’t get to read any messages etc.  THANK YOU, love it.

BTW The Minimal group is only 50Lds and I suspect I was in the group and I’ve accidentally left it but at 50Lds cheap enough to rejoin when I feel like it.



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