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This is how I’m planning on shopping. (Mention of Freebie only).

URK first find of the day just has to be a Maitreya only and I just don’t feel in the mood to strip all my bits off and so Sod it and I threw on this Ghost sheet instead.

What is hidden under the sheet is a futuristic bodysuit, I think it’s sheer but it certainly has a latex sheen to it and a neon edge to it.  You get 3 colours in the pack but as mentioned only a Maitreya fit.

Pick this up from Axis and it’s an FFAG (Free for all gift) so you just buy it for 0Lds.

And yes when I log in after I’ve had some much-needed food, I’m going to float my way around SL hunting, or should that be “haunting” my way around SL…boom boom.