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NO Shade intended! (Fun Freebie).

This item is NOT intended to insult any Trump supporter and if any one objects then I am more than happy to delete this post.  Lets face it when it comes to politicians and those who have control over us the head of this pole dancer could be replaced with any of them.

You get the pole and of course him, there is a sign on the top of the post but its out of the picture and I can’t remember what it says.

It comes from a shop called “Jubjubs House of Fun” I’ve actually bought something from this shop and it’s a pair of quite realistic but very oversized feet.  Just a bit of quirky fun.

Again if ANYONE is not happy with this post I’m more than happy to pull it, just leave a comment (until I click it will be invisible so no one needs to see who has objected) and I will whip it off faster than he can work that pole.

Jubjubs House of Fun