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Quite but not right. (Freebie ‘n’ Dollarbie).

This halter neck top comes with a 3 texture option, I prefer this one, and a lace edging with an on/off option.

Look closely and you will see that I’m not wearing the lace edging.  That’s because it doesn’t really work as there is a lot of texturing clashing/flashing. TBH I also simply prefer the clean edges to this top.  Obv you can try the edging for yourself and you will see that in the hud you get you can use the slider to change the colour of the lace to any shade and that’s also where you will find the on/off option.

Special mention to the pants as I did briefly mention them a couple of posts ago and have also blogged them previously. I like to try my best to make my whole look free so I dug these out, checked they were still free.  Although these leather are not particularly summery they still look great with this top but even better with jumpers.

The top is a Marketplace Dollarbie and the pants an inworld freebie from the Justice shop, there are other freebies in the Justice shop inc a very good Autumnal skirt.

UPDATE:  Just spotted a new, to me, group gift in the Justice shop so next post will be that and another couple of Marketplace finds….you have been warned lol.

Shook (Marketplace)