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It’s a moochy sort of day.(Sub gift & Mention of Cheapies).

Now that I’ve done a couple of what I think are really good finds I’m treating myself to a moochy sort of afternoon which is how I ended up at Gato.

This top has been a subscribers gift in the Gato shop for XXX amount of years and it’s the same for the other cheapies.  It’s such a shame that I can’t see anything newer to reflect the shop’s contents better because Gato is full of bold colours and textures.  Make sure to check out the top floor as well.  I do think though that the cheapies, 3Lds, 5Ld etc are still as good now as when they were first put out and for that price, I’d buy them but they are Maitreya fit only so I hummed, hawed and then went next door to try out some new poses instead lol.

Poseball maker kit

As for the poses, as I’m working my way through my invent I’m starting to bin those poses that just don’t work or I just don’t use before I start to buy new ones.  Next door to Gato is Le Poppycock and I’ve been posing like mad and I like what I’ve tried but again until I know what I have and what I need I won’t be buying yet.  I did notice on the table near the entrance is a paper bag with a free “Poseball maker Kit” which doesn’t really need to be explained.