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That was quick! (Sorry, Dollarbie).

Yesterday the sim I’m standing on was a lush, green, hilly landscaped event, packed with ponds, plants and a perfect contrast to this red outfit but today with a wave of a wand (OK someone clicking the right button) and it’s all gone!

I can never remember if a group is free or not so when I see a really good Group Gift I always keep my fingers, and sometimes my toes, crossed if it’s especially nice and the Poeme group IS Free.

Overall just a nice simple skirt and top set but that bold red pattern and cut out shoulders just make it that bit “extra”.  Plenty of fits and YES, separates.

BTW on the table behind where this gift is are some fun freebies and a daily freebie.  I grabbed today’s daily freebie and it’s a table cloth but as for the fun freebies, I’ve left them as the surprise.

UPDATE.  Doh when I left the Poeme group today it reminded me that it actually cost 1Ld to join so my “freebie” has now changed to a “Dollarbie”.  Sorry.

Poeme & Ballade(The LM takes you to a platform where you can either TP to Poeme or Ballade, both have this outfit as the Group Gift but Ballade is a furniture shop while Poeme is clothes).