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Stepping on Faiths (Baby) Monkey Toes.(Freebies).

OMGERD!  I’ve managed to do about half of the Uber event AND the Gacha Garden has now opened and in total so far I’ve grabbed 92 FREEBIES!   I still have to go back to Uber to get the rest of the gifts and I can’t wait as what little I’ve managed to unpack has been just amazingly generous of the donors.  I’m not going to show you any of the freebies from these 2 events because there is a 99% chance you’ve been or are planning to go or have already seen some of the gifts in other blogs soI won’t spoil the surprises.

So today’s freebie is from a shop I know Faith likes but she’s MIA, a girls gotta work, so I snuck into Baby Monkey to grab these 2 freebies.

KEEPERS! Stunning colour, shop quality, lots of fits and separates so all my boxes have been well and truly ticked.

I almost missed these as I was checking out the Baby Monkey Group Gifts, 20Lds to join, which are in a different area of the shop but because I decided to have a good mooch around the shop I was so happy when I found these in the entrance.  To grab each gift you have to join the 2 biggest freebie groups in SL, SL frees and offers, Fabulously Free and then pay 1Ld and this time I paid attention and your 1Ld is returned to you.

On the wall on the other side is some FREE for all gifts, I’d recommend you pick up the sneakers.

UPDATE.  I’ve decided to add the LM to the group gift area as well as the entrance.  I’ve scrolled through the hippo board and for just that 20Lds joining fee there is a lot of gifts in there.  Shoes, dresses, tops etc so make sure to check that out as well.

Baby Monkey Group Gifts

Baby Monkey Freebies