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Can you blame me? (Freebies).

These trainers/sneakers from Vale Koer are just so good they deserve to be blogged and reblogged until every AV has them.

I remember when I first grabbed these how pleased I was because these are in a male clothing shop and it’s not actually clear that you don’t only get all the male fits BUT also all the women’s fits.  I think these are examples that before you bin anything to open it just to make sure.

This is the second pair of trainers and you can just see the amazing attention to details and both pairs of shoes come with damned big colour huds.

Vale Koer is a shop packed with classy, hip and sporty male clothing.  I swear if I still used my male AV I’d be treating myself to clothes from this shop.

I’m (not) sorry but I do judge male AVs and when you see a Cheap Assed Gorilla Man in some basic wear you know they’re only SLing for one thing.  Just as much as I judge Gorilla Man when I see someone who has spent a few Lindens and time and effort to make their AV look good I judge them in a much more positive way…I still wouldn’t “scr*w” them though lol.

As I was looking around I spotted near to the gifts TPs to 3 builds, skyboxes which have been created with unfussy, manly mancaves. I love them, as much as I like Froo Froo and clutter I also admire clean lines and quality.  So you will find the Group Gifts inside the shop on the shelves near to the customer desk and the TPs to the skyboxes are there as well.

PS.  Only 6 prims rezzed, I didn’t check the other shoes prims.

Vale Koer

2 thoughts on “Can you blame me? (Freebies).”

  1. I couldn’t agree more about the Gorilla Men — or as i commonly refer to them, “the shirtless, shoeless wonders” of SL. Even with a mesh body / head they still persist with this mouldy, half-assed look. 😦

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    1. There is just no excuse for it really as there are plenty of bloggers out there just like our Moz who love nothing better than finding a decent male freebie but again a few quid/dollars spend on a decent skin/shape and hair is all they need. We LOVE to dress up and so for us as to what we do or don’t spend is personal taste and not cheap assery.


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