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Classy or Clubby? (Freebies).

This is about the only time Flexi prims are allowed especially when they gently swirl and whirl around you as you move.

If you must though you can wear this long form-fitting mesh dress on its own and it comes in lots of fits.

Yikes, I’m not sure why I look so “bloated” in this second picture but I can assure you it’s the pose and not the dress.

This is another freebie from the same shop.  A really good sequin texture and you get a hud with a black, silver or this gold version.]

The reason for the 2 Landmarks is that the first is for what I am going to assume is the new Group Gift and it’s very similar to the red dress but in a pastel teal colour.  The other LM is for the older Group Gifts and I only found them because once I’d grabbed the new gift I had assumed that would be all but I was intrigued by this rather large shop so I’d decided to have a wander around and check it out and thats when I came across a wall of the older Group Gifts.

Dressed By Lexi(For the Teal Dress)

Dressed By Lexi (For the rest of the Group Gifts)