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“Mesh Body Friends”.(Freebie).

I’m sure there is a NEW Freebie at the The Annex so I returned and I can’t find it, I could, of course, be wrong about it.  So to stop it from being a wasted TP I grabbed one of the other Freebies just to check it out and it’s this Kawaii dress.

The dress is familiar but the group you join to get it isn’t, “Mesh Body Friends”.  I would say that I am about 99% sure this has been blogged but it was years and years and maybe years ago but it has totally stood the test of time.  So maybe old to me but new to you?

If you haven’t guessed it then this and my last picture were taken on the “Comhar” sim.  As I was LM grabbing I’ve spotted that there is as much going on outside as inside and the 9 platforms packed with backdrops.  So I’ve put the LM for the Photostudio and you simply hop on the TP and if you’re like me you will go from backdrop to backdrop just loving it all.

The Annex

Comhar, Free Photostudio, Gardens and Caves