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Beep Beep Beep…Delivery.(Freebie).

I will confess that although I’m being pretty strict and keeping to my rule of 500Lds only I am making a sneaky “buy” list for things I want I really want but can’t afford and so next month I will be returning to B-Made to buy something I’ve seen in the shop and until then this freebie is going to keep me happy.

Free to join and then pay a Linden and get a Linden back.

Although I’m sat on it in a driving pose it’s static, which is pretty good as I crash everything.

The B-Made shop is I think a more recent shop to SL and not particularly big and yet I’ve already bought 4 things from this shop and now have a 5th item earmarked for a later date.

Use my LM even if you already have it because B-Made has moved to a pretty darn wonderful Desert sim and it’s the perfect backdrop for some pictures.  Just up the hill is also the latest round of Salon 52 and there are other shops on this sim but I’m logging out.

UPDATE. I thought the issue with landing in the middle of the Canyon/river was just me but it looks like it’s the same for Faith so I’ve been TPing in and out of SL for way too much time this morning.  I’ve dropped the owner of B-Made a note about it. However, I’ve managed to get a better LM and although you still end up in the canyon/river you will see ahead of you a path leading from the river to the doorway of the B-Made shop….I promise nothing though but again just use the Salon 52 link and it’s just down the road from there.

Salon 52(Walk down the lane)


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    1. I don’t understand it as it’s also something that kept on happening to me even though I walked…cos you can’t fly to the B-Made shop and took the LM for the post from the shop but since it’s happening to others I’m going to log in and drop them a note.

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