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It’s simple! (Freebie).

I’ve worked out how to save spending in SL and it’s simple..don’t log into SL lol.  Just kidding, I’ve had a busy as a bee day and a good day which continued into SL when I did a quick log in and the first notice was from American Bazaar for this new Group Gift.

I don’t know what’s going on at the sim next door as it’s packed and people are lined up on the sim edge camming in but I was so happy with this I snagged and even took the picture in the American Bazaar shop.

Lots of fits, American Bazaar quality what’s not to like.

PS.  I’ve also seen a new Freebie from another one of my fav shops BUT chances are you will have gotten a notice about them as I’m pretty sure we’re all in the same sort of freebie groups but just in case you have missed it my next post will be them.

American Bazaar.