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Off to a flying start ! (Free)

Day one I think I’ve done ok! Found two coolio summer dresses from Evie – didn’t cost me a single penny. The amazing dress, simple, elegant day or night.

Andddd the Pride dress above. Both come in all the major mesh body fits, group is free to join !

You know I was thinking, its a bit of a cheat to say “Surviving a month” on $50L, when we haven’t factored in living expenses, like rent? Im going to try and find a rental home for less than $50L per month – gawd, tough one – anyone got ideas>?!!!


3 thoughts on “Off to a flying start ! (Free)”

  1. If you’re a Premium account holder, you could try for a free Linden home for a month but lol – it’s a right old fight to get one.

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