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Done for the day! (10Ld Belle Epoque Hunt)

Hot Damn I almost missed the fact that Belle Epoque has a HUNT going on! I wouldn’t mind so much but I am in the Belle Epoque group but sadly so many notices so little time and things like this slip past me.  Fortunately plenty of time to hunt down these beauties.

You’re looking for little suns and they’re not very well hidden.  Each one costs 10Lds and because this is a paid for hunt there is a large poster at the entrance with the pictures and number you’re looking for. You have such a variety to choose from as well, shoes, dresses, accessories etc I deliberately chose 2 of the dresses which I knew I wouldn’t have much issue with the fit as I assumed, and I’m right, that you will only get the 1 fit and it’s probably a Maitreya.  This top dress actually fitted like a dream, I even didn’t haven’t any issues with the sheer panels.  It’s a full length dress as well with a hint of RP to it.

This dress did have more breakthrough at the back but nothing to cry about and as you can see from the front  a perfect fit but of course I now know there are more Maitreya wearers than there are SLink wearers.

I even treated myself to this bag which turns out to be only 2 prims! So it’s gone from being a lovely wearable to an even better decor item for me.

What got me over to the Belle Epoque shop in the first place wasn’t this hunt I just went to see if there was a new Group Gift, I don’t think there is but I know I’ve not shown you a couple of the more recent ones and since the Belle Epoque Group is only 10Lds to join check them out BUT make sure you keep 10Lds free to join the TeleportHub group.  I know we have a few new people checking out our blog and although they probably have already seen the amazing pink coat which is the TeleportHub/Belle Epoque gift some of you may not have seen it.  Again this is a Maitreya fit only but as expected as it’s a coat no fitting issues at all but this comes with “fake arms”.  You have to alpha out not just your arms but remove your mesh hands as this coat has been designed to look as though your hands are tucked into your pockets.  Sounds odd looks amazing.

Belle Epoque

5 thoughts on “Done for the day! (10Ld Belle Epoque Hunt)”

  1. Zan, do you think enough designers cover SLINK nowadays? I’ve seen lots of vendors at Events that are totally Maitreya or Maitreya and Hourglass only as if those are the only mesh bodies in the virtual World. It doesn’t seem very fair to be so insular.


    1. Butting in here ! Moz I was going to get an hourglass body – but after searching the events and on the market place, plus new stores and releases, I decided Maitreya was a better option regarding choice.
      I’ve always used Slink and found them to be brill however – the Hud on Maitreya is a little better for alpha’s and the amount of Maitreya items around is greater – pretty chuffed with it as I was getting naffed off by Slink Physique (not hourglass) not being at events and in new releases !

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      1. I think I’m being a bit of a stubborn cow and sticking with SLink rather than throwing in the towel and going full on Maitreya.


    2. Hell no. The SLink Hourglass is pretty well covered but I don’t want a big ass or tits! If I could I’d love little perkies lol You as a male must have it even harder in not finding clothes but also being typecast into certain male shapes. I loved my male AV but I couldn’t stand the shapes and in the end, I let him fade away.


      1. Male shapes, yes, you’re so right there, Zan. I really loved the ADAM shape and skin but not many designers were prepared to include an ADAM version in their packs, the exception was A&D Clothing and Ascend (for a while and then they stopped). When I changed styles recently, I chose the Belleza Jake and the Daniel CATWA Head, mainly for the preponderance of apparel out there. Jake will only pump up so far, however, and it does constrain the looks. So basically, you’re dead right, we have less choice.

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