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Sad little hoarder.(Freebie).

Because I use my home/sim for most of my backdrops it means I leave a lot of stuff lying around so I logged in to clean up my sh*t and put things back in order which lasted about 10 mins till I saw a notice from the Powdermoon shop.

It’s the top I’m wearing, not the clutter…I still have to sort it out.

A deceptively simple top but as you can see some nice texturing and wrinkles, buttons down the back and lots and lots of fits.  Once you’ve grabbed it don’t run away, I’ve got a top from here and there is a dress that I’ve always had my eye on but because I’m cheap, and don’t need it, I’ve never bought it so check out the shop before you run away.

To get to the room with the gift you will see TP buttons on the floor, probably behind where you TP in, and it’s the number 3 button you need to use.


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