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A little itch.(35Ld)

I couldn’t get the demo of these pants sent to me and even though I could see they come in only a Maitreya fit at only 35Lds it was worth the risk and the risk has paid off.

Fabulous, teamed with a classic design/freebie from Blueberry this is a great look for very few Lindens.  The itch is I don’t know if I’ve blogged these before something just is niggling away but they’re not in my invent and if I had they would deffo be there.

PS.  Almost forgot that you do get a hud for the belt and buckle with lots of colours.

UPDATE: I’m in the shop next door and it’s called Loki.  If you want a nice Jumper to go with this then there are 2 really nice freebies, previously blogged BUT if you want to pay 50Lds to join the Loki group you will see that there are more gifts inc an extremely pretty fluffy hoodie which has the fake hands in pockets styling.  If this “anniversary” gift is still out as we move into the Autumnal season I may just grab it then but there is no reason it can’t be worn in any season.

Yup another “UPDATE:”  I’m having a mooch around the sim and it turns out there is a hunt going on and so far I’ve found nothing which is a shame.  So I’ve put the LM for the middle of the sim which is where there is a picture board showing you the hunt prizes as they do cost but only a piddling 5Lds and there are some decent prizes inc MENS UNDERPANTS….thats a shout out for Moz.


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