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Why? (Lots of Freebies).

Why am I looking so worried!

Turns out that it’s the second anniversary of eBento and we all know what that means Guilt Free, Calorie Free CAKE…ok not really but it means lots of gifts for us.  In this case, it’s the skin and bow I am wearing.  The skin is a gift from the 7 Deadly Skins stall and you get a full face and body but only in Omega and guess who has Omega? MOI! Sorry, I can’t remember which stand the bow came off but undoubtedly as you too will grab away you will find it for yourself.

Unsurprisingly enough the place is heaving which is why I was shocked I’d managed to TP in but after grabbing just a few items and since a lot wasn’t rezzing for me I thought I’d TP home and do a quick post and return later as I can see from the Seraphim blog that there are some items I would like to buy and of course I want to grab all of the gifts.

eBento (Anniversary Event)

Seraphim blog (for pictures of whats for sale not the gifts).

2 thoughts on “Why? (Lots of Freebies).”

  1. Back in the days when mesh bodyparts didn’t exist yet, I was a fan of the skins by 7 Deadly Skins. Used to wear them a lot along with Pumec. They were my 2 favorites in skins. Ever since I own a mesh head the skins of 7 Deadly Skins somehow don’t look that good anymore (actuallt they look terrible). I don’t understand why because Pumec appliers still look as good, if not better. I once told the creator (a fellow-dutchie) the problem I had with her appliers on my mesh heads (yes several, so the problem isn’t the heads) and that resulted in banning me from her sim, store and her group. Too bad some people can’t cope with critsism. The only reason I told her is that she maybe could have a look in what the problem is and so she could improve her appliers. I told her in a nice way. Instead she immediately banned me. Just so you know how friendly this creator is and treats her fans/customers.

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