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Done and dusted. (Lots and lots of FREEBIES).

It’s time to go gardening at “The Gacha Garden” event and as always next to almost all but not all Gachas are some lovely gifts for us.

This teapot is a keeper.

The rose headdress is sweet and comes with a nice hud of colours but the horns are a completely separate gift and I just thought they complimented each other.

As for the horns I never wear horns, it’s the same with jewellery, tattoo’s and panties…ain’t no one got time for that, but shockingly enough not only do I love these horns there was another set I’m going to keep and just as shocking is I’m going to keep a tattoo but I think once you’ve found these things I know you will understand why I like them.

The only other “keeper” for me is that Kawaii Cactus banner just behind me.  Although you can’t see the ends, they have the little suckers on the ends that we use in RL and even though it has that much detailing still only 2 prims.

I won’t be keeping the jewellery or top simply because I will never wear them but as you can see they’re very pretty.

Obviously lots of variety of items and of course lots of Gacha tempting going on.

The Gacha Garden

3 thoughts on “Done and dusted. (Lots and lots of FREEBIES).”

  1. They’re always very generous with the gifts at that Event, that teapot is really nice. Try FaMESHed 7th Anniversary as well, there’s some great H&G gifts and fashion (so the girls are saying) but you do need their Group on.

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    1. I’ve only not been able to squeeze into FaMESHed but I’ve not even managed to get on the cam sim! I’ve seen a picture of the freebies and I’ve earmarked the ones I want to hoard but damn it’s packed!

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