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A good start. (Freebie & 5ld offer).

For sale, 2 cats, slightly used, expensive to feed, furniture scratchers, night warblers/morning warblers and guaranteed to cover you and everything you own in hair and totally 100% ungrateful little sh*ts.  Make me an offer I will accept ANYTHING even a bloody cookie!

Enough moaning and here is today’s freebies n cheapies.  I don’t think I’ve shown you these exact items but of course, a lot of designs are now SL “Classics” which means a lot of shops have the same designs but change the textures.

This is the MLM Group Gift and that costs 5Lds to join and for that, you get the top, jeans and shoes. TBH worth it for the jeans alone.  chances are you already have a similar design but if not then you do need these.  The top has a nice texture hud and although you can’t see the shoes the shoes have the same texture hud as the top.  ALL of the mesh fits you could need as well.

The shorts are almost as identical to the jeans just a tad darker and the top also has a texture hud.  They and the top are freebies for the …….. can’t remember which group but as you will see when you go to the Alias shop there is a selection of gifts for different groups.  While I was LM grabbing I quickly joined the Alias free group and grabbed that gift as its the same jeans but black plus a spotty top which I did try on and it’s bright and bold.


I do have to say that obviously a lot of shops buy “full perm” items which they retexture and repackage so the clothing I’m showing you is what I call a “classic” SL design in other words you have probably seen the same things in many shops and inevitable some items will have been blogged before and I’ve forgotten that either I have blogged them or Faith did.  In the end I think as long as the items being blogged are damned good then it doesn’t really matter in the end as to a lot of our readers they maybe new.

PS.  There are other gifts in the shop.


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Take notice! (Dollarbies).

Yes, it is past 1 am and I should be snoozing but I have cats and my cats don’t seem to like me SLEEPING!

So I logged in to SL and read a notice from MH Designs about how for this weekend only there is a massive dollarbies/discount sale on their Marketplace shop.

And this is about all I’m going to say as if you log into the Marketplace shop you can check the prices and fits for yourself.

As for me, my cats are now sweetly snoozing in front of the fire so I’m going to creep up behind the little B*stards and scare the CR*P out of them…sweet sweet revenge.

Now I’m rested I will just add that don’t go by what I’m wearing as in this sale there is everything from shoes, boots, tops, skirts etc

MH Unique Designs

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Wrong LM.(Freebie).UPDATED.

I thought the LM was going to take me to one shop but I ended up at another shop.  I used to own a lot of items from the G Field shop but I will admit I’ve not visited this place in years so I can’t wait to click publish and then I’m going back in.

And yes I’m still wearing my Crocs.  I think I might just keep them on till I find free shoes so get used to them lol.


I’m NOT wearing my Crocs anymore because I found new shoes! So when I logged back in I rushed back to G Field and now I remember why I previously owned so many items from this shop!  Some pretty feminine blouses, skirts, dresses etc with a hint of retro classyness.  I’ve picked up a whole load of demo’s as well as the other FREEBIES which you will find in one of the rooms at the back.  There is a copy of this dress but in black and white, a couple of gowns and although both of them are seasonal ie Christmas they will be as good in the future as they are now and also shoes.  A pair on their own and at least one pair with the one gown I tried on.  If I’d any more time I would have liked to have shown you them but it’s time to log off and go do something else for a while but I’d hate for you to miss the other freebies.

PS.  If you decide to buy something make sure to try the demo’s as the sizing in this shop is a little bit random.

G Field

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Don’t you DARE Judge me! (His & Her FREEBIES).

I swear to God only last week Faith and I confessed we once owned…CROCS!  Fortunately, as far I know no one actually took a photo of me wearing them so I can’t be blackmailed.  I was randomly TPing old LMs which brought me to “A&D Clothing” and these beauties.

I did giggle slightly madly when I put them on as my love of Crocs is still a guilty pleasure not that I would ever wear them again….in public at least lol.

This is a fab gift from A&D Clothing.  You get 2 sizes, one for him and one for her.  They don’t come in mesh feet fits but you get do get a very easy hud to use and the hud also inc 12 great colours.

Ignore the fact it says it’s a men’s clothing shop as it does have women’s fashions BUT this is a Subscribers gift and that board is just outside of the entrance so slap it and wear your Crocs with pride.

A&D Clothing

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I ain’t mad at it. (10ld MP offer).

Goooooood Morning….yes I’ve had my second cup of coffee and as I was slurping I was Marketplacing and found this top on offer for 10Lds.

Obviously you will see I’m still wearing the same skirt from my last post and I hope you’ve grabbed it as I’ve worn it with a sweater and now this summery top and this simple design is so versatile and of course free lol.  Anyhow, the top comes from an MP shop called (BE)lieve.  The title says it’s a 24-hour promo but I think that’s not really true and it can be bought at anytime but I can’t promise that.  It only comes in standard mesh fits and an Alpha but I think you can see that I did actually get a pretty good fit on mine as although there are 2 itty bitty bits of breakthrough on the edge of my cleavage it’s barely noticeable and there is no breakthrough at the back.

I rather like the texture as it has a very cheesecloth feeling to it and I also liked the stripes but there are different patterns for 30Lds.


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It’s simple. (Freebies).

Sorry only one picture of the skirt, I did take more but they were absolute rubbish and I’d logged out so I couldn’t retake them.

I don’t think it really matters as even from this distance you can see the skirt has a really good knitted texture.  The close-ups were just to show you some of the other colours as you get a 10 colour hud pack as well as plenty of sizes.

Before I went upstairs where you will find this, other gifts and a row of lucky chairs I spotted that some if not all of the makeup’s downstairs come with “wearable demos”.  I only grabbed the 2 I think are wearables demos but there may be more.   I also did a little walk through the shop and there are some bargains to be had.


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Trying to save the Earth.(Hunt Gifts).

I’ll put the link to the “Save Earth Hunt” which is what I’m planning on doing the rest of the day and the first place I visited was “The Sissy Bar” as I’ve found decent stuff from there before which may or may not have been this dress.

Doesn’t matter if I have blogged it before, I do try not to reblog but when something is worth it then I don’t mind, as you can see it’s just a really nice dress and tarted up with leggings/tights/even a jacket or scarf etc.

Then I TPed over to a part of our sim which needs to be landscaped and as I waited for inspiration to strike, as you can tell by my blank look it’s not striking,  I unpacked one of the other hunt prizes which are obviously the top and shorts I’m wearing.

The top is fine, it’s ok, it has a nice rope tie at the back and a nice hang to it BUT it’s the shorts under it which you can’t really see but simple sweet shorts and I will be checking my invent and if I already have them or have something similar then I will bin them but if I don’t they will be keepers.

The hunt items at The Sissy Bar cost either 1 or 2 Lds and for that price, they do not disappoint at all AND lots and lots and lots of fits so you don’t need to worry about that.

The Sissy Bar

Save Earth Hunt (sic)