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Dream on.(Freebie).

It’s freaking freezing in RL, well ok not freezing to be exact but I’m tempted not just to put on a cardie but also a coat and gloves.

On the surface, this dress looks like a simple affair but it’s a copy of a popular RL design where they have taken a long strip of fabric and it just wraps and folds around the body.  When you go get it, assuming you like it, then look at the back of this dress and you will see what I’m blathering on about.

You also get a hud with it, 5 patterns in total, and lots of fits.  There are 2 gifts out but this one is for the Free Group and the other the VIP group which I’m going to assume isn’t free.


Since I can’t get there and goodness knows I have tried and tried and TRIED to squeeze myself into the Blueberry shop I thought I’d let you know why it’s so packed.  Faith left a comment that the reason it’s packed is because of the FREE 250Ld gift card!  That certainly explains a lot.  I don’t know if you have to be in the Blueberry group, probably, but the group only costs 5Lds and oddly enough the VIP Group is free.  I don’t know which group you have to be in to claim the gift card.  So if you can keep on trying as even I want to get my grubby mitts on it so I can treat myself to something.



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  1. The 250L gift card is in the notices of the Blueberry VIP group. You wear it and it gives you store credit. Then there’s a sign in the store that allows you to check and add to your credit. You can pay that sign 200L, and thus afford the special new dress fatpack she has out in the front room for 450L. The sign says it’s 450L “till the 24th,” so keep trying! Remember there’s a cam sim on the map.


    1. What timing as I’d literally logged in just to check the notices and em noticed it. Thanks for the info though as it was just fate that I checked and you commented at the same time.


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