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Smesh this.(Freebie(s)).

This is a case of if you don’t like whatcha see still pop over to the shop to check out the other Freebies.

I don’t think I’ve ever owned an item of corduroy clothing in RL so my SL is giving me a whole new style lol.

I picked up a few of the newer freebies from Smesh and tried them on but I decided to just show you this one and allow you to find the others for yourself.

This is a hard one as part of me really wants to keep it as I do not have anything like this in my invent and teamed up with jeans and the cowboy hat/hair from Argrace I think it makes for a great look but will I wear it again…YUP it’s a KEEEPER!


(The LM is preset so when you rezz turn to your right and walk till you get to the second entrances, trust me it’s easy).