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I have no shame! (Freebies).

I feel no shame reblogging things when I think sufficient time has passed as new people to SL, this blog, any blog etc will be missing out on some damned fine things because to us they’re old but to them they’re new or if you never picked them up or have lost them in your invent a reblog allows you to pop back and grab again.

In my last post, I was wearing high heeled sneakers which come from Steelhouse Outfitters and I remembered that that was where I’d picked up the really good workmen’s boots you can also see, as well as some other Group Gifts.

These are my shelves so you’re not looking for this display in the shop, just turn right as you go inside.  Sadly rezzed they’re pretty primmy so better on your feet rather than used as a decor item.

Both items come with a really good colour hud and I know the boots have a resizer as well.

Steelhead Outfitters.

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A sporty shorty.(Freebie and big assed sale).

I picked this up from Apple Blossom and the group is free to join, I don’t know if this is just a temp free fee but I’d be quick if I was you. Two choices of colours this blue and turquoise.

SORRY and this time I am really am sorry as all the shops that are on the same sim as the Apple Blossom shop are having a Spring 50% sale and that includes shops such as Safira, Posie, Apocalyptic and Loev so it’s time to splash out on those outfits you really want but the price tag has been too much. The sorry is because it’s over on the 31st so although we have enough time to go shopping I was almost too late in letting you know and I know I would have been disappointed if I had missed this opportunity.

PS.  The reason for the baseball bat is that I don’t have a tennis racket or anything else that was more suitable for our new tennis court lol.

Apple Blossom

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Where’s Wally?(25Ld & Freebie)

I’m actually hiding in this picture but I betcha you can’t guess where I am hiding.

The Trapdoor under the table is where you will find me, just click, sit and voila you’re gone.  This is the 25Ld tue off in the “Out of the wood” shop and if you look at the bottom right of the picture the washing basket is the freebie as it’s the group gift next to the trap door.

Grumbling time.

From the RL birdshit on my window to dealing with stupid people and all of the small but extremely irritating things that have plagued me since yesterday, I’m done with RL.  So I’m going to spend today “Netflix and Chill” or in my case”Sky and SLing and Chill”.  I hate to say it though as I have a feeling that those irritations may have followed me into SL as I would have sworn I already owned that trapdoor but I couldn’t find it so I had to rebuy it and there are other things but if I don’t point them out I hope you won’t point them out lol.

Out of the Woods

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On a roll.(Freebie).

As soon as I did the Scandalize post a notice came through about the new GG from S@bbia which is one of my fav shops.

I think I’ve actually kept most if not all of the S@bbia gifts I’ve picked up over the years and it’s only the older pre-mesh clothes which I’ve binned.  They’re still there on the wall to your right when you walk in if you want to check those out but the new gifts are always on the board in the entrance and this time it’s this skirt and blouse set. I am itching to click publish and log back in and see what else I can mix and match the skirt and blouse with as yup, separates.  You do only the one mesh fit but the S@bbia designs are usually easily worn by any shape.

I was so sure that “3” was going to be my lucky number so I TPed over to my third lucky shop and I was unlucky as they haven’t changed their group gift yet but as soon as they do I will be there.


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I don’t mind.(Freebies & Free Group Membership).

Scandalize is almost the only shop I don’t mind having to use my SLink HG shape for.

This is more of a vanity shot than showing off this panties/top set but we all know the Scandalize quality.

There are 4 brand new Group Gifts, the bikini/undies set, a lovely dress with a hud, a strappy pair of shoes and this amazing freebie which not only makes for a great look it’s SEPARATES!  The jacket comes in 2 colours, white and this denim and I think the top also comes in a plain or a crocheted texture but you do get lots of fits just not my fav but when outfits are this good I don’t mind wearing my second fav shape.

The headline says it, although the Scandalize group is only 100Lds to join which is a pittance when you see what you get for it, old GG’s and lucky chairs, for the moment it’s FREE to join so don’t delay.

As mentioned there are lucky chairs and these are shop quality wins and because this place is constantly heaving the turn over of initials is pretty quick so don’t TP out too quickly and see what you can win.


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Thrifty idea (Free)

One of my favourite past times in Second Life is looking at homes and whilst I was at AT Design I spotted a board saying “Useful”, on that board is a free gift of Skybox covers. If you never knew you needed one of these – well you DO! Such a nifty idea. We all have some of those gorgeous skyhomes right? The ones that are gorgeous inside but look like a carbuncle on the outside? Yeah you knowww. So in this box are covers, many different sizes with a texture change function with lots of different facades to choose from. Simple but effective and just 1Li !

AT Design

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Foursome for Free

So I headed over to scope out The Wash spring cart sale – didn’t seem to be fully set up or perhaps I missed the main swing of things – but I did manage to pick up a free gift from Sweet Willows. Set of four cropped and frill hem tops – dead sweet. (Maitreya fit only) I teamed it up with these sweet Spring body flowers I found on the market place the other day from R&K, a sprig for your face and arm , plus a pose – just $10L. New release skirt from Neve called Kick in one of the fabbo denim shades completes the look !

The Wash

Neve Store

R&K Spring body flowers