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Hot Damn! (10Ld GG & Update on the Update lol).

Blueberry has a NEW group gift out, need I say more?

OK, I will.

Honestly, I have folders in my invent where I tuck away all the clothes I get from my fav shops, so all my S@bbia, !g0, Scandalize etc clothes are tucked into folders so I can quickly find them and of course Blueberry has a folder all of its own. I rummaged through my Blueberry folder to add to the new gift of the joggers the top and yoga shoes which as you can see from the colours are also Blueberry items and yes they’re group gifts as well.   You get a lot of mesh bod fits inc my fav one and although I’ve colour coordinated like a pro you can mix and match everything from the metal bits to the main bits.

The Blueberry group costs a piddling 10Lds to join which is a mere token and there are even more gifts out but I just grabbed the newest one and of course, used what else I had tucked away for this whole look.

Update as the Scandalize group is now back to 100Lds to join but again well worth it but what I didn’t know is that it turns out the Lucky Chairs are FREE to all to use!  Even if you’re not a fan of lucky chairs these ones are packed with such quality clothes and as far as I can remember not ones which are on the group gift boards.  There is usually a massive crowd at Scandalize that the turn over in initials is so quick it won’t take you too long to score.



4 thoughts on “Hot Damn! (10Ld GG & Update on the Update lol).”

  1. Hi Brinlea! wondering if Zan is already in the group and is seeing an old sign someplace – I’m heading over there to check it out – so sorry ! xx

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    1. I’ve deleted it. I should have checked the group status but I never thought of the Lucky Chairs being free for all!


  2. OMG Brinlea, Sorry, I deleted your comment and I don’t know how! I know, not enough coffee lol. Thanks for the heads up I’ve done a quick change on the post because I do truly appreciate being kept informed when things have changed.


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