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Just showing off but does inc a reblogged FREEBIE.

Quite a few months ago my perfectly good working but old PC was KILLED by Microsoft updates and in the end, I threw in the towel flashed some cash..or rather my Visa and bought a souper duper gaming laptop which has allowed me to have the best SL settings possible.  However, the one thing I’ve not dared try out because my old PC which could handle decent SL settings would CRASH as soon as I allowed this particular setting so I was pretty nervous my laptop would do the same.

Can you tell what it is?

SHADOWS! I can now see shadows cast by the SL sun and even better not only do I not crash but it doesn’t seem to have an impact on my ability to move.  I’m not saying that this computer is perfect but then again SL isn’t perfect so when glitches happen I don’t know if it’s SL or my laptop but if anyone wants to know the specs of this thing just drop me a note and I will drop you a note with the details.

Also, I just wanted an excuse to reblog the outfit I’m wearing.  I don’t doubt most of you will not only recognise it but own it however I do know we get new people to the blog all the time, HELLOOOOOOO, and for them this may be a wonderful new addition.  It’s still out at Rebel Hope and there are other free to join group gifts

Rebel Hope

5 thoughts on “Just showing off but does inc a reblogged FREEBIE.”

  1. If you really want to test your laptop, go to the Rendering tab in Graphics (in Firestorm, not sure about other viewers), and, near the bottom, crank up “Quality of the shadows.” It will make your shadows sharp and crisp for photos. But it’s quite a burden on your system.


    1. I accept your challenge but if my laptop crashes I will hunt you down inworld and whup your ass and not in a pervy sexual sorta way!


    2. Your ass is saved lol. It actually turns out I had everything set up as high as it can actually go but I think I will now tone it down a bit now I’ve had fun as I would hate to burn out my hard drive.


      1. I just use medium graphics settings unless I’m taking a photo. SL looks fine at medium, and I won’t shorten the life of my computer.

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