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I survived. (Dollarbie).

Today is beautiful, the sun is out and although there is a bit of a nip in the air it’s bright and refreshing which is a shame as I’ve just spent the past 2 days at the beach fighting hurricane winds and freezing sleet.

I’m a hardy Northern soul and can handle anything that can be thrown at me but when my ice cream was whipped out of my hand and flew off to splat on the ground I will confess my top lip did quiver a little bit.

I’m back home now, my OH didn’t trash the house so I can spend my day just snuggled on my chair with my heated blankie, all the shows I recorded while I was away playing in the background and if I could only convince one of my cats to sit on my lap I’ll be a happy bunny.

This Dollarbie is a nice little starter.

You get a nice 12 shade hud and plenty of fits.  You get this from “Anne Store” but you don’t have to join a group to buy it.

Anne Store