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The shop is called “Barberyumyum” but the group you join is called “Double Paradox” which you will probably know that by now as they have freebies out which I have blogged.

Free hair esp free quality hair is so hard to find add to that, in this case, a free fatpack of colours is a boon.

Barberyumyum makes lovely young and wispy hair but I didn’t go there for hair.  The shop is small and at first, you may think all the greenery is just for decor but Barberyumyum also has a small number of plants for sale, mainly sim and garden decor, not potted plants and that’s why I popped over in the first place but before I return to buy I’m just going to check to make sure I’ve not already bought these plants as I suspect I have.


3 thoughts on “Yumyum.(Freebies).”

  1. I love bobbed hairs and shall be adding this to my substantial collection.
    Your second paragraph made me smile, it’s so waffly! Not that i can talk and besides, it takes one to know one. *concludes ramblingly*

    Do carry on! I enjoy everything you guys post. ♥

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    1. Heya ! Damm Zan – I felt coerced into checking yumyum again and ended up spending a small SL fortune on hairs I didnt yet own !

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