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A BLAST from the past, SL Status Update.

“Status Update” is SCREWY lol.  So I totally recommend you wait to buy, rezz, build or anything that is important to you as SL is borking mad.

So mad when I tried to TP from one part of our sim to another I got transported to a place I have such fond memories of. This is the LM which was given to me as my home base.  It hasn’t changed at all so although I can do nothing in SL I did log out with a chuckle.

Second Life Status post

PS.  Don’t worry Faith the borking started after I bought the Hideaway.

3 thoughts on “A BLAST from the past, SL Status Update.”

  1. SL’s having a hernia this week! Yesterday it was telling me… sorry, delivery failure on Marketplace when I’d actually got the goods. Unfortunately I didn’t get outta paying for them *laughs*

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    1. I’d literally just bought something for quite a few Lindens so I’m counting my blessings and not my losses lol. Mind you when I log back in there will be a whole load of stuff I’d rezzed or rather I’d not rezzed lol.
      Do you remember the LM you were given as your first log in home?

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