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Bargain bin.(38Ld Gacha wins & Mention of Freeness).

Spectalchic has a small Gacha retirement sale going on and at 38Lds a try such a bargain price.

I’ve deliberately left the breakthrough on the wrists showing on both outfits so you can see that even a non-Maitreya can still wear them.

As always I only do Gacha’s when I think all the prizes are worth winning and I’m more than happy with these 2.

PS. There is a Free group gift in the Spectaclechic shop but I think I have shown it to you before but next door is the MiWas shop and it also has some free GG’s and upstairs is also a bit of a sale as well.  Those outfits seem to be 100Ld, they’re not Gacha wins, but they’re too Kawaii for me but you may want to check them out as well.


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I “Object”.(Freebie).

Taking a break from wasting my Lindens to show you this simple freebie from I.M. Collections.

Just the top and skirt, chances are I won the bag as a Gacha win.  Although this is in the I.M shop and that group isn’t free to join this is an “Inventory Trends” group gift.  Invite is right there.

PS. This outfit is sent to you one by one into your object folders.

I.M Collection

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A work in progress.(Freebies ‘n’ Bargain).

I can’t use our sim to show off these freebies as we have basically DESTROYED our sim!!! It took a shockingly quick time for Faith and I to click away Winter and introduce Spring but we’ve done more than that because we’re shape changing the whole sim and hopefully getting some new and refreshing terrain textures and new builds so I’ve just photo’d the freebies as they are in the Revival shop.

I was clicking away like mad wondering why I couldn’t grab the goodies and then realised that in my greedy haste you click on the balloons and buy from them…DOH.

I have a little water feature which is very much like this but I don’t think it is this one but it does no harm to grab it as well as the fab watering can, the flames, those lights but not the roll of logs which I actually already have.

The last gift I grabbed was this simple and yet stunning bath.  You can just about make out the tap and hose pipe which fills it.  His n her poses and I think there was also couple poses.  I think all of that for only 7prims.

I haven’t finished shopping at Revival as I spotted something I want to buy if I can find it.


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Omega your T*Ts. (Freebies).

I’ve not come across any decent Pasties esp free ones so to find such a full pack of them was a treat.

Yes, my boobies are little pancakes that’s because my RL me dreams of little boobies as RL big boobies are not as much fun as you think, so in SL I like to keep em on the itty bitty little titty size.

The pasties come from a shop called Bossie and you only get the Omega applier but also the system shirt layer and lots and lots of colours.  The panties are also a freebie from Bossie and it’s a set of these panties and a heart top.  Again only an Omega applier and some system layers.

Then pop over to the other shops, Luxrebel, as there are some freebie makeups but only for Catwa.

Bossie & Luxrebel & Renie (Except I can’t see a shop called “Renie”).

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Lazy Mare!(Freebies).

I hope that everyone is able to enjoy the most amazing weather we’re having in the UK at the moment!  It’s so sunny and warm even in the cold North East it’s almost cossie weather! That’s why I’m hiding indoors with the curtains pulled shut lol.  Actually, we’ve had a lovely day working in the garden and so I’m having a well earned lazy time SL with Judge Judy playing on the TV’

As you can see there is a bit of breakthrough because it didn’t have a SLink fit and it’s only now that I’ve noticed it does have the SLink HG fit.  I don’t think the breakthrough is too bad and so if you only have SLink P then you will be fine but you do get the other main mesh bod fits.

PS. Check out the lippie. Oooooo this is my RL shade of choice.  This is a Subscribers gift from Alma and you get the 2 main mesh head and omega appliers.  Only 3 shades in this pack but I love all 3.



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It’s getting old! (3 Freebies).

Sorry for being so MIA but you all know that sometimes RL can’t be ignored and it’s been a quiet SL week but a very busy but nice RL week.

So I’ve only really been popping in and out of SL and somehow I came across an old gift in my invent from The Secret Store that I can’t even remember getting or blogging, I could be wrong but I just had to check they were still there and they are.

I don’t know if I’m a “saddo” or not because as soon as I had unpacked these my first thoughts was “aw heck yes” as these will go with a couple of my “go to” outfits.  There are 2 other GG’s but take note of where they are as one pair is on the blue sideboard to your left, another is in the gift box on the reception desk and the third is on the wall to the right behind the reception desk…actually once you’re there you should easily find them.  I do remember the other blue pairs and even blogging them.  All 3 of these gifts have this slightly retro look to them.

And yes, low prim decor items even if they don’t come in your fit.

The sim this shop on is a stunning pastel dream, so the LM should take you outside and you just walk through the doors.

Once you’ve grabbed the freebies check out the Gacha room.  I’m not showing you it but I had a go on one of the Gacha’s and won a bag which also has a retro look to it and I would have been happy to have won any of them then check out the little old lady AV! She’s freaking adorable. Many years ago pre-mesh I had a little old lady AV complete with grey bun, walking stick, oversized handbag and a cute waddle when I walked.  I promise you I got so many IM’s from people telling me how cute I was so when I spotted the little old lady AV in the Secret Store shop and at only 250Ld I was so tempted but then the reality is I have just too many bits to take off and put on that as adorable I would look for me not very practical but check her out for yourself.

The Secret Store

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Trudging around the sim at this time of year is no joke – can’t wait for Spring to arrive. Slung on the new release for Tres Chic from Neve and felt like superwoman! This is “Surplus” , a nifty jacket over a loose-fitting t-shirt style dress. Plenty of choices for the jacket, camo’s, washed out denim, plains and the dress has many slogans that you can fool around with (including some “wifey” ones cute!) Check it all out at Tres Chic – mesh body fits only – thanks Neve team ❤

Tres Chic

Lock & Tuft Ski Patrol hat & hair