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I ain’t mad.(Dollarbies, 5Ld, 10Ld etc).

Goooooood Morning Monday…or it would be if my washing machine wasn’t broken and nope kicking it doesn’t work.

So I’m hiding from RL, just for a little while with a much-needed cup of coffee and as I slurped away I decided to check out the MP and found that MH Design has what looks like a total of 88 items for sale at between 1Ld to 10Ld.  Obv when inworld I popped over to their inworld shop and it’s totally empty so it looks like they’re having a big restock or revamp of the place so I will be looking forward to checking the inworld shop out when it’s opened for business again.

As for this outfit, it only cost me 10Lds.  The lines are sequins and I’ve picked 2 of the more muted colours from the hud but the red, green etc are deffo more disco lol. As always if you’re not keen on what I’m showing you still have a look because there is quite a selection to chose from.

If you’re wondering, this is the message that the Boss lady of MH Unique Designs includes in a note with all her sales and I’ve seen it many a time but I just thought today was the day to cut and paste if.

Who are you?
You are beautiful.
You are smart.
You are funny.
You are kind
You are a diamond , a rose ,a pearl.
You are UNIQUE!!!
Best regards,MarrylinHope!

MH Unique (Marketplace only)