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Lazy Mare!(Freebies).

I hope that everyone is able to enjoy the most amazing weather we’re having in the UK at the moment!  It’s so sunny and warm even in the cold North East it’s almost cossie weather! That’s why I’m hiding indoors with the curtains pulled shut lol.  Actually, we’ve had a lovely day working in the garden and so I’m having a well earned lazy time SL with Judge Judy playing on the TV’

As you can see there is a bit of breakthrough because it didn’t have a SLink fit and it’s only now that I’ve noticed it does have the SLink HG fit.  I don’t think the breakthrough is too bad and so if you only have SLink P then you will be fine but you do get the other main mesh bod fits.

PS. Check out the lippie. Oooooo this is my RL shade of choice.  This is a Subscribers gift from Alma and you get the 2 main mesh head and omega appliers.  Only 3 shades in this pack but I love all 3.