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So… I went to the “Darkside”

Id been mulling over getting a new mesh body for a while. I figured I’d stay with Slink and get an Hourglass body. Thought it would be easier seeing as my hands and feet etc are all Slink. Fast forward a week, and Zan decided to go to Hourglass, and I thought perhaps one of us should do a different brand? Zan and I used to call Maitreya “The Dark Side” as we are both Slink devotee’s – but after sampling the demo and seeing how incredibly easy it is to mix and match it with my Slink hands and feet – voila – I am Maitreya Lara alll the way!

To be honest at first I couldn’t really see much difference between Maitreya and Slink Physique. Slightly wider hips, perkier breasts? As I began to take some photos though, it became a little more clearer. The overall shape is softer, I know this will vary according to what shape you wear – but using the same shape on both mesh bodies, yes definitely more feminine.

I think the most difference is in the rear. Really succulent butt and dimples, those wider hips looking more womanly. The neat thing that I wasn’t expecting was I can use my Slink hands and feet with it. I had wrongly presumed Id have to use the Maitreya ones – but if you’re worried about adding more costs – don’t be. They work with it 100%, infact seamlessly. The Hud is a little more intuitive than the Slink one, I really do prefer the accurate way to apply alphas – heaps easier. So Zan and I can share the spoils of our gacha pulls between us – actually, that’s prolly the BEST thing about having different mesh bodies!

Maitreya Lara demo

(The lingerie shown is in the Maitreya pack for free!)

2 thoughts on “So… I went to the “Darkside””

  1. Heheh! The Dark Side, Luke šŸ™‚ I’ve done much the same thing… always had the ADAM body but now I use Belleza Jake just as much. I wouldn’t say it was as good as the ADAM because it’s only a Beta version, but at least you can get clothes for it and it goes really well with the CATWA Daniel Mesh Head plus folks make matching skins for the both. So there!

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    1. I m such a creature of habit and lazy also ! It was a real wrench but as usual Zan dragged me out of my stupor and got me interested . I should have mentioned that I used a catwa head also – oops!

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