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I’m KIDDING! (Fun Anti Valentines Freebie).

I found this wearable, yes on the marketplace, but I’ve not had a chance to see if it’s available inworld yet, and now the time is right.

No, I’m not making a personal “status update” but you know what it’s good to be happy and you can be happy on your own, with a lover, with a group of friends, that one friend who knows you better and if you can stand them then your family lol.  But ultimately just love yourself and here it is.

Even though I am a “Sadie” which if you’ve ever read my profile means “Sadie, Sadie married lady” this song/poem sings to me as it’s also a reminder to remember you are an individual as well as someones “OH” and no matter what your present is or what your future becomes when you listen to what this lady says it makes it seem OK.