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As good as new.(Dollarbies)

I woke up this morning thinking “it’s Monday Woo Hoo” and leapt out of bed full of energy for the day ahead…..of course, I’m lying like a b*tch.  I really shouldn’t do a post before my second cup of coffee has given me the caffeine hit I need to function without snarling.

So sweet and simple, unlike me at this moment.

When you TP to !g0, turn to the right and in that department on the first floor everything is 50% off, make sure to try the demo as some pieces have aged better than others but some great finds.  Then trot upstairs and you will see lots and lots of Dollarbies.

As always if you don’t like what you see me wearing then !g0re it, can you see what I did there? because there is a real variety of styles and if you don’t already own them you really need to check out the “Tamara” dress and “Baja” hoodie both previously blogged and will make a nice surprise.

PS.  Thinking about it I know that that spotty shirt is a separate and I can’t help but I think the dress will look a little bit saucier without it.


3 thoughts on “As good as new.(Dollarbies)”

    1. I don’t know if you know the RL Joe Brown range? Thats what I like, I don’t go crazy on it and me and frills not with my face lol but overall I love country casual.

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      1. In my minds eye when I think of you in real life – I always envision you wafting about dressed in Joe Brown clothing – looking all “arty” and cute. DO NOT ruin this vision !

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