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I’m Horney.(Freebie).

Shut up! I can use clickbait if I want to, lol.

I’m not really sure why I decided to pose with a dead bird I think I was influenced by the amazing Pendle sim I was on.

I’ll make it quick, free hair from Tram.  Only in gray but the cute little horns are a seperate GG and with them you get a big colour hud so you can blend them in with any hair.  There are 3 other gifts, earrings, a long hair and the BESTEST scarf but thats already been blogged.

If you’re wondering the frock is a Valentina E Gacha win.  It’s so Jane Eyre and delightful but I made a boo boo because I did try the demo on so I knew it was a Maitreya fit only, Woo Hoo, but I forgot to check the back and the neckline at the back is pretty low and I can’t get it to work as well with my SLink fit as I would like.  I may keep it I may not but it’s only 50Lds a pop so no great loss.


The Epiphany Gacha Event