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SNOW DAY! (Freebie).

The snow isn’t that bad but it’s the ice that’s causing all the problems. I’ve been drinking my coffee and watching as the cars slowly slip n slide down the hill I live on, if I’m really lucky I’ll get to see some plonker veer down the hill because they have underestimated the steepness and slippiness and crash into my neighbours garden, 3 times so far lol.

When I find a fab freebie just before I log out of SL all I can think about is when I next log in so I can blog it.

That little hot chocolate set up is totally free and only 3 freaking prims for the towel, board, chocolate, pan and cups.  You can just about see the light steam which comes off the pan of hot chocolate.  There is another gift in the Andika shop which is wearable copies of those cups.


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