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Glitz ‘n’ Glam.(Freebies).

It’s been 8 years since the first Designer Showcase Event and I feel OLD, SL and RL OLD!

So I’m busy cheering myself up unpacking ALL of the gifts which are to be found on many of the stalls at this event to celebrate the 8th Anniversary.  I was gobsmacked that the first 3 outfits I’d unpacked not only came with decent mesh bod fits but even my SLink Physique fit but this sparkling glamourous one is the one I decided to show you.

Obv I’ve had fun with the picture so it’s more white gold or silver but this dress from Juma really does almost sparkle!  It also comes with a fur stole which is belted around the waist however the second gift on the Jumo stand is this equally as glamorous hair and if I wore the stole then you’d not be able to see the hair as well.

Designer Showcase